Our beneficiaries

Toto Africa focusses specifically on women, especially (single) mothers. Not the Western definition of the word “mother”, but the Ugandan, wider definition. Every woman can and will be a mother to somebody, including our planet.

Toto Africa connects with women leaders in the local community who, through a group process select and identify other woman who will join them in the group(s). The group then jointly identifies which needs they have, which business opportunities they see within their community and how they can create a sustainable economic situation for their families. The aim is not short time financial gain, but long-term sustainability.
The women targeted show willingness to learn and put in effort, and they have an entrepreneurial spirit.

The women have expressed their preference of operating and moving forward in a group setting as mobilization of the women into groups gives them more confidence, keeps them motivated, especially during difficult times, gives them a platform through which they can share their (innovative) ideas and thoughts, and gives them more power in the community and financially.

Where, you asked?

Currently Toto Africa is mainly operating in Ngora District in Teso, East Uganda. It has adding “Toto Africa Women Entrepreneurship Group” or TAWEGO in all 6 sub-counties of Ngora District. Current focus is on strengthening the existing TAWEGO’s and girls entrepreneur clubs at the schools (see more information elsewhere on this site), however it is Toto Africa’s dream to expand within the Teso region as this region together with the Karamoja region is still among the poorest of the country.