Meet our amazing team!

Currently none of our team members have paid positions and Toto Africa runs on volunteers. We are so grateful for all our supporters both in Kampala and Teso, as well as oversees.

George Ivan Okwii

Toto Africa is the brainchild of George Ivan Okwii, born and raised in the Ngora District. It was thanks to his personal drive and hard work, in combination with the support and generosity of others, that Mr. Okwii has been able to create opportunities for himself and his family – coming from a less privileged background himself. As the owner of several service-oriented businesses, the COVID-19 situation has hit him hard, however he stayed determined throughout this period to establish Toto Africa to ensure others get to create the same opportunities for themselves that he was able to create for himself. ToTo Africa was officially established in June 2020, however due to the COVID-19 situation, activities have kicked off in February 2021.
Mr. Okwii has always had a strong focus on ensuring gender equality in his endeavors and his family life, hence his Bachelor in Social Science, his Masters in International Public Health and his previous work with the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development.

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Virgo Immaculate Ssempebwa

Toto Africa’s co-founder Virgo Immaculate Ssempebwa is an enthusiastic and successful entrepreneur with vast knowledge in both national and international business. Mrs. Ssempabwa and Mr. Okwii partner in various of their businesses together.
She is currently the owner and managing director of Gorilla Tours Ltd (established in 2001); one of the biggest and most successful tour companies in the history of Uganda. Virgo runs other associate businesses as well.
Known for her selflessness and humility towards lifting and supporting those in need, she comes to Toto Africa with great experience of organizational management and humanitarian advocacy. Virgo is ready to make many vulnerable women’s dream come true and participate in changing their world. She has a special connection with the charity work Toto Africa does on hydrocephalus as she herself suffers from this condition.