Women empowerment activities

Toto Africa, which stands for Mama Africa in the Teso language, is an NGO that empowers woman, and especially (single) mothers, through a bottom-up approach. All activities, objectives and actions of the NGO are determined by the target group through group discussions and one-on-one conversations. This also means approaches and offered services might be different for different (target) groups.

Toto Africa supports (mainly single) Mothers with opportunities to participate fully and equally within the economy while securing sustainable economic growth for their community and a sustainable livelihood for their families. Toto Africa stands for right based approaches to support the (single) parents to protect themselves and the environment through increased capacity, knowledge, access to information and awareness on a variety of topics.

Toto Africa is providing support to the groups in the form of both starting capital (in the form of goods) for small businesses, as well as the set-up of saving groups to expand (or start) future business and a must attend free training on Agro-economics for 2-3 days which on the last day we distribute the produce to the trained beneficiaries.  The successful women groups will then give back to Toto Africa to ensure other women groups get the same opportunities.

There are currently four key elements to

Toto Africa therefore supports group of women with the procurement of sheep and rams (or provide access to), the construction of the structure and a minimum of six months of access to a veterinarian. The women organize themselves when it comes to the caretaking and operational costs (feed – grass, banana peelings), and of recently the TAWEGO’s prefer to rear the sheep as a group and have them all in one location.